iPhone 6 Features: 10 features users want from Apple on Release Date

iPhone 6 is declared as the most awaited smartphone to be released this year. Apple is yet to launch its new flagship phone to compete with other smartphone giants like HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, and LG G3. It is speculated that iPhone 6 will be performing very well compared to its predecessors, especially now that it will be working with iOS 8, which is Apple’s new operating system everybody is fussing about. Besides, iPhone 6 is expected to give people two amazing options: one is the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, while the other is the projected 5.5-inch phablet.

According to leaked news, Apple may release 2 models on the release date. The bigger model will be called iPhone 6L. The smaller one will be called iPhone 6. However, for now, let us stick to only iPhone 6 speculations unless confirmed about iPhone 6L.

There were rumors that some Apple executives suggested that the next models of Apple smartphones won’t carry the “iPhone” name anymore. But based on the leaks, it looks like it’s not going to happen.

The Design

Smartphone users are anticipating the difference in iPhone design. At present, the reports suggested that iPhone 6 may have the liquidmetal design. This is possible as backed by the report on Apple’s purchasing of Liquidmetal Technology in the year 2010. By adapting the liquidmetal technology in Apple’s smartphones, it can be expected that the home button of the smartphone may improve in terms of pressure sensors. Plus, it is also noted that Apple employees were associated with the liquidmetal alloy development though patents of the new technology is not directed to Apple.

In addition to the probable liquidmetal structure of iPhone 6, the new iPhone is approximated to have a wide array of hues to choose from. This can be supported by how 5s was marketed with color options like white, gold, and silver. Many users are raising this request in order to augment their style with their new iPhone.

The Processor

The Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

Most smartphone users expect iPhone 6 to be bigger and better than before. It is rumored that iPhone 6 will not sport the A7 chip found in previous iPhone 5s and 5c. Instead, iPhone 6 will have its A8 chip, which is specifically a 20 nanometer quadcore 64-bit processing unit. If the assumptions about iPhone 6 are true, it can be considered that the new flagship of Apple will be the first iPhone to run in quadcore processor. Many even reported that iPhone 6 may have a tough competition with Snapdragon 801 chip of Galaxy S5.

The Screen Size

The Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

A better touch pad facility is another yearning consumers are mulling about iPhone 6. iPhone 6 is presumed to have the best functions and enhanced grasping feature in a larger screen size. It is reported that there will be 8-megapixel HD resolution camera for the new iPhone. Enhanced functions and features for the photos app of iPhone 6 can also be anticipated. An inch larger screen size can be approximated with the newly designed iPhone. Other than that, the screen appears to be professionally polarized for desired results. A sharper iPhone screen resolution can also be expected from the handset alongside better pixel quality of photos taken by the device.

Most reports direct to the assumption that iPhone 6 will have two versions—4.7 inches model and the 5.5 inches phablet. With such statement on hand, the smartphone users may now have reasons to choose iPhone 6 over other big screened handsets, which have become trends of today.

The Superior Display

The Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

The previous iPhones released by Apple has delicate, sleek, and receptive display. If you are a careless user, you can expect the display to become damaged or scratched easily.  The popular Gorilla display is used for the iPhones presently. However, a lot of talks leaked that iPhone 6 may be sporting a different type of concealment, better known as the Sapphire display.

The superstrong display is said to be more durable and resistant to scratches unlike other iPhone displays. The reports even added that the screen concealment is indeed tough as described since one test in YouTube, conducted by Marques Brownlee, showed that the Sapphire display showed no damage despite being stabbed, scraped, and bent during the examination.

The pursuance of the display technology in iPhone 6 is possible, especially now that it is reported that a new manufacturing plant has been opened by Apple, which is situated in Mesa, Arizona. The development firm claimed to be producing up to 116 million Sapphire displays every year (5 inches).

The Battery Life Enhancement

The Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

The battery life of iPhones has been criticized due to performing badly comparing to other high-end smartphones. Apple showed that it is simply taking small steps in enhancing the battery lifespan of its iPhones. Many users are complaining about the short-term battery life of iPhones, which is why a boost is anticipated by most. According to the rumors, it can be a 15% improvement for the battery life of iPhone 6. If this is true, iPhone 6 will remain uncompetitive compared to other Android phones like the now powerful LG G3. There are several reports stated the possible battery capacity of iPhone 6.  According to one report, iPhone 6 may carry a 1,810 mAh battery capacity. A leaked photo of Huizhou Desay Battery in China showed the possible battery feature of the new iPhone 6. This can be very possible, especially now that the manufacturer is declared to be one of the qualified suppliers of battery for the upcoming flagship phone. In addition to this, Apple claimed that batteries for the new models of iPhone 6 are 1/3 thinner compared to those found in iPhone 5 variants.  Assumptions indicated that the company had ordered for 2mm-thick batteries now that iPhone 6 is just 7mm thick as attested by rumors.

The Camera

The Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

The camera feature of iPhone 6 is highly anticipated for Apple has long been known for providing unprecedented photo app functionalities and enhancements. It is doable that the new iPhone will adapt the optical image stabilization found in Nokia Lumia 1020 and LG G2. You will now have no troubles in capturing videos and images even while on the move. It is also rumored that iPhone 6 will have a bigger sensor set with 10-megapixel feature and f/1.8 aperture lens. A resin lens filter may also be projected from the new iPhone, which will outlay iPhone 5s’ hybrid IR filter.

Besides the given features above, rumors stated that a new camera technology has been patented by Apple. The technology captures a single photo with the use of a couple of image sensors. One of the sensors will capture color or chroma data, whereas the other will capture the brightness or luma data. The combination of the two data will make one image. This new feature is not for camera optimization alone, but will allow Apple to produce thinner iPhones.

Recent reports also indicated that Apple devices will adapt the bayonet mechanism, which will permit the application of easily compatible camera lenses in the forthcoming iPhones like iPhone 6.

The New Apple OS

Other than the given features above expected from iPhone 6, one can say that iOS 8 is one of the much awaited enhancements in the new iPhone. The latest mobile operating system of Apple is expected to work in the new iPhone. The update is not just about a few tweaks. Instead, there are enhancements for business smartphone users that are described significant and ground-breaking.

One of the biggest improvements in iOS 8 is the notifications system that will help you respond to alerts even when your phone is locked. If rumors are true that iPhone 6 will adapt the new OS, you can now experience the Android-like messaging feature with the phone. You may send a reply right away without launching your messaging app.

Furthermore, never forget how Apple made it possible to upgrade the new operating system to connect with your MacBook and iMac. You can create a document with your iPhone 6 and access it using a different Apple medium. Data transmission can be seamless now, which is perfect for office works.

More improvements can be anticipated from the new iOS 8, such as upgraded health apps, optimized keyboard, and the new Siri.

The Storage Capacity

The Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

Smartphone users often complain about the storage capacity of their handsets. There are apps that often eat up much of memory space, causing users be left with little capacity to enjoy other apps. Due to this, iPhone fans are opting for an iPhone 6 having higher storage capacity. According to the reports, Apple may be launching two versions of iPhone 6 (32 GB and 64 GB).

A big upgrade in the storage capacity of iPhone 6 may not happen at all, especially now that the new operating system of Apple will take over giving you extra storage in the cloud. iCloud will help you store tons of files, images, and media documents without having to occupy much of your internal storage.

But of course, iPhone fans are looking forward for a change by as much as 128 GB internal memory for iPhone 6. There is a chance for this since iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, and iPad Air were already presented with the 128 GB storage capacity.

The NFC Capability

Android phone users have experienced the difference of Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology for years. It is possible that iPhone 6 may already adapt the advancement as well. By the first month of the year, Apple already received the NFC technology patent. Notes from various sources also indicated that a deal for NFC mobile payments were already closed with a Chinese bank company.

If the rumors are true, iPhone 6 will be able to communicate with nearby mobile devices and desktop computers. Besides such, a quick physical tap may allow iPhone 6 to transfer files to another device. Small businesses may benefit from this, especially now that quick and easy financial transactions will be allowed by the technology.

The Touch ID Improvement

The Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

iPhone has never been accounted for efficient fingerprint scanning technology. But now, it is expected for iPhone 6 to introduce an improved security feature through Touch ID. This will help you unlock your device through the handset’s home button. There will no longer be password typing that often annoys mobile phone users. The quick and reliable feature is no longer a general lock-in unit of your iPhone. Instead, iPhone 6’s Touch ID will allow you to lock in specific apps. Additional rumors even added that the Touch ID scanner may be covered with the sapphire glass material, which will guarantee resistance to scratches. In other words, fingerprint scanning will not degrade.

The photos of the new Touch ID fingerprint were leaked by some sources, showing a scanner similar to the one in iPhone 5s but has screw holes located in different areas. The first batch of the sensors was reported to be supplied by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. The supplies of fingerprint sensors are not for iPhone 6 alone. Instead, it will also be constructed for iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2. It is noted that the newer Touch ID will be more durable compared to the previous ones made from tin material.

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