Microsoft urges web users for second chance to Internet Explorer

Seeing the declining popularity of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), its developers and program managers took to the “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit, urging the web users to give the browser a second chance.

The developers have promised that they are working on changing Internet Explorer’s name, in an attempt to rescue the browser from its often-negative reputation.

According to metrics vendor Net Applications, the Internet Explorer enjoys a user share of just 58 percent, nearly triple the 20 percent of Google’s Chrome which is the second-place contestant.

User share is a rough measurement of the percentage of the global computer users who are running a specific browser.

But this was not the scenario in 2005 as the browser dominated the internet world with a user share of 89 percent. The second position was held by Mozilla Firefox which had just a 6 percent user share.


Its lowest point was recorded in December 2011, when its user share suffered a significant decline to 52 percent. Analysts say Microsoft’s decision to essentially stop development, thinking that it had won the browser war, resulted in the huge setback.

Hence, the developers now want Windows users to give IE another chance.

“Often times the decision to not use Internet Explorer is largely based on experiences from a decade ago and a much different IE. That being said, we know it’s our job to change the public perception, and to win the hearts of users everywhere. Each person who opens IE and downloads another browser, is another person we’ll be working even harder tomorrow to win back,” said Jonathan Sampson while posting his argument on the Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA).

When someone on AMA asked about whether the company had ever considered dropping the name ‘Internet Explorer’ for a refreshing touch to the browser, Sampson reacted by saying, “It’s been suggested internally. I remember a particularly long email thread where numerous people were passionately debating it. Plenty of ideas get kicked around about how we can separate ourselves from negative perceptions that no longer reflect our product today,”

“The discussion I recall seeing was a very recent one (just a few weeks ago). Who knows what the future holds?,” he said in his post.

While that may have been the case — perhaps sparked, said analysts last week, by the resulting cutback in the testing required to support fewer versions — the cheers Williams noted must have been discouraging to the enterprises that will feel the brunt of the new policy.

Meanwhile, the developers also announced the launch of IE12, which may get a new name. Whatever be the case, experts believe the changes in approach may bring profits for Window’s browser.


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  • John Ostrander

    Second chance? Wasn’t the “Second Chance” offered after all the class-action lawsuits files around 1999-2001 when Microsoft came out with Windows ME and Windows 2000, and was preventing install of third party browsers on computers with OEM Windows installations?

  • sk8sonh2o

    Microsoft employees debate major product relaunch- using long email threads…Bwahahahaha. click bang gurgle gurgle hiss >twitch<

  • Jeremy

    Are the PR people at Microsoft so blind to reality and their consumer base that they only think they have been given one chance? I give IE a shot at least once a month and it is shoddy, slow, and inefficient. The only real reason to use IE is if you are setting up an account that does not recognize Firefox or Chrome browsers.

    I have given IE hundreds if not thousands of chances. Here’s a novel idea: try designing a product consumers want to use. Didn’t need a BA in business to figure that one out.

    • Ryan

      The only reason to use IE is the one you open it to download Chrome.

      • Tee Reed

        If you like Google to track your every mouse click..WHY NOT?? You can say “Oh I turned site tracking off” but how many users actually know how to do that?

        • Jeremy

          I’m sorry – if you are using the internet your information isn’t safe period.

          • Tee Reed

            why isn’t it?
            !. IE does not track your usage statistics
            2. If your computer stores your credit card or you use google wallet…your a dumbass
            3. If you do not know how to maintain your online presence and safety …take a class or learn on your own. If someone goes to a club and has cash pouring out of his pockets begging people to take deserves to be taken because your a retard.

          • Jeremy

            You don’t appear to know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” I would be careful about calling other people retards. Who said anyone was using Google Wallet? That came out of nowhere.

            “Tens of thousands of accounts associated with customers of Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo have their data turned over to US government authorities every six months as the result of secret court orders, the tech giants disclosed for the first time on Monday.” – The Guardian, Feb. 3 2014.

            Your data isn’t secure. Period.

  • Elfa

    I’ll give IE a second chance when they retire it and build something brand new that isn’t a bloated, virus ridden mess.

  • rodoftruth

    I work at a web design firm that designs websites for real estate agents. Whenever they call for tech support, the number one reason for their problems? You guessed it. And it isn’t Chrome or Firefox that’s the problem, just in case you needed a hint here.

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    IE thought it won the browser war? Ahhahah how about worrying less about your market share and worry more about making a product that works well

  • Ronald D Forth

    OK, they convinced me to give IE another try. The result: IE set itself as default browser, would not update itself, required a security code and when I opened Firefox to read the email containing the security code, IE cratered, locked the entire OS and I was forced to restart the computer. IE is still a poor choice.

  • Tee Reed

    alright …I am bracing myself for the onslaught of hatred..I am A+ certified tech and I use IE.Most of the problems with IE is that most people do not know how to use it. as a matter of fact 3rd party browsers (firefox and chrome) base almost all of their settings on…you guessed it IE’s internet options. I want everyone who reads this to try something. Open a run command and type in inetcpl.cpl and hit enter then click the button that says delete…heres where 99% of all IE issues lie..UNCHECK preserve website data at the top and check everything else except for passwords and let it run its course…it may take a while. When your done close all of it out and open your browser of choice and count the seconds it takes to open…then open IE. If you truly do this and don’t just not do it and say you did to come back and flame will most likely find that IE is 50% faster than your browser of choice.

  • Charles Murdoch

    Um….Windows XP still has about a 35% user share. The latest version of IE that works on XP is from about 3-4 years ago. Meanwhile, you can still get the latest versions of Chrome and Mozilla on an XP machine. When it comes to browsers, Microsoft abandoned a big part of the market a long time ago. Hey, Microsoft, 35% of computer users CANNOT give IE a second chance.

  • TBolt

    Sorry, MS … just bought my first 2 Macs. I’m not missing IE one bit.

    • Tee Reed

      there is a place for Mac users and a place for PC users. as a Tech when it comes to upgrades..for a PC customer it costs about $100 to get people up to date after 3 years..there is no upgrade to a mac. The only solution is to shell out another 1500 bucks every three years

      • TBolt

        Quite true. The cost is acceptable, though … the combined hardware of an Apple machine is excellent and OS X is a well-refined environment to work in. After a lifetime of Windows, I’m surprised how much I like OS X & Apple equipment.

        I still have my Windows-based machines as backups, but I only reach for the Dell XPS on occasion – because of its handy touchscreen.

  • Connie Criscitello

    Power to the People!