August 10, September 9 to witness Supermoon after Saturday’s supermoon

Have you missed Saturday’s (July 12) supermoon? And eagerly waiting for the next Supermoon? Well you don’t need to wait for long as the sky is going to give you the celestial treat in August this year.

According to the astronomers, the world will be able to witness the largest and shiniest of full moons within a month’s time.

The moon will be the closest to the Earth in comparison to other days of the year on August 10 (Monday).

Before talking about the awesomest moon, let’s know what is ‘Supermoon’. It is a term used to describe the moon when it comes to the closest point to the Earth and both the celestial bodies are orbiting in their respective orbits.

Scientists say moon will be closest to our planet on August 10 due to an elaborate astronomical alignment which will make it appear larger and brighter.


The ‘August 10’ supermoon will be different from other supermoons as the Earth’s satellite will be the closest to the planet as it had been never before.

According to the scientists, the sky will offer five supermoon events this year and notably the August’s supermoon would be the awesomest, with the moon only around 356896 kilometers from us.

After August, the world can see the next supermoon event on September 9.

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  • Waltz

    Before you post an article you should revise it. August 10th is a Sunday not a Monday